You Deserve Better Sleep.

Through CBT-i, I teach you to trust your mind and body's natural ability to sleep so you can wake up feeling rested.
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What is CBT-i Sleep Therapy?

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-i) is an evidence-based sleep treatment approach that markedly enhances sleep quality and quantity.

Our bodies were made for sleep. It prepares us for the challenges of life. Natural sleep increases our mental well-being and impacts our mood, memory, and problem-solving abilities. It restores us.

So, why is it difficult for so many of us to find the natural rest our bodies crave?

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, or CBT-i, is a research-backed treatment that offers relief to those suffering from sleep loss due to insomnia. Together, we’ll examine your thoughts, behaviors, and relationship with sleep and cultivate healthier sleep habits while reducing anxiety about sleep. As I guide you through the program, you’ll receive clear, daily instructions that will reset your relationship with sleep and help you find the rest you desperately need.

CBT-i gets to the root of your sleep problems instead of treating the symptoms.

While medication and other sleep solutions offer temporary relief, nothing compares to the long-term benefits of CBT-i. I’ll guide you into healthier sleep habits, and together, we’ll strengthen your natural sleep drive. With each small success along the way, you’ll reawaken your body’s ability to experience the gift of sleep.

Finally, regain the gift of sleep.

How Does CBT-i Differ?

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia is a holistic approach to sleep health that offers long-lasting results. Through targeted techniques addressing your sleep anxiety, habits, and overall relationship with rest, CBT-i empowers you to regain control of your body’s natural sleep rhythm.

Research shows the majority of CBT-i patients experience transformative relief from chronic insomnia within just 6-8 weekly sessions. It is a bold promise, especially for those who’ve struggled with years of insomnia, but if you ask my patients, they’ll share this truth: True, unmedicated sleep does not have to be a dream; it can be a reality.

Lifelong Sleep Skills

CBT-i teaches lifelong skills for maintaining healthy, unmedicated sleep, and long-term sleep relief.

Addresses What Causes Insomnia

CBT-i addresses the underlying causes of insomnia instead of the surface-level symptoms.

Successfully Get Better Sleep 

CBT-i has a high success rate of 80-90%, according to research evidence, making it more effective than medication or other alternative sleep therapies.

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Your Partner for Better Sleep

I love helping my clients reclaim restful sleep through cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia.

True Sleep Therapy is all about transforming your relationship with sleep so that you can regain confidence in your body’s innate, natural ability to rest. It fills me with great joy and gratitude to partner with my clients and to play in their life-changing sleep journey.

True Sleep is possible. You deserve it. I’d love to help you discover the promise of True Sleep.

Elsbeth Fast 

Elsbeth Fast
Licensed Clinical Social Worker LCSW
Specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia with deep expertise in treating Insomnia with co-occurring PTSD, Depression, Anxiety Disorder, or Chronic Pain.

Better sleep is within reach.

You deserve restful sleep, and I can guide you there. 
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